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Helen Aries
Feb 10, 2022
In Concept Notes Workspace
Idea Climate change disaster aid map Purpose With the increase of natural disasters due to climate change, this map aims to predict what aid will be needed before the disaster happens so that the aid is already in place. Coordinate aid Help communities be resilient to natural disasters/ reduce suffering caused by natural disasters How it works Using AI, Machine Learning and satellite forecasts Need to know type of infrastructure and population information Working with the UN and aid charities like red cross Long-term predictions- Educate at risk communities on survival techniques Short-term- placing aid near to where the disaster is going to happen to shorten the time taken to deliver aid Why solution would be good How it addresses the UN sustainability goals 3) Good health and wellbeing → medical resources, first aid 9) Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure → learning and protecting 10) Reduced inequalities → aid can be close and accessible to all 11) Sustainable cities and communities → surviving climate change 13) Climate Action 17) Partnerships between UN and other natural disaster charities → coordinate aid so not all in 1 place Displaying Information Interactive map? Platform?→ identify closest and most suitable organisations allowing them to collaborate and coordinate response Categories of aid required: medical, sanitation, infrastructure, repair, fire Alert system? #Sustainability #Infrastructure #Coordination #NaturalDisaster #Aid #HumanitarianResponse #Resilience #ClimateChange #ClimateAction #UNSDGs #PlanningAhead #AI #SDG3 #SDG9 #SDG10 #SDG11 #SDG13 #SDG17 #InternationalCollaboration #Designathon2022 #DisasterPreparedness #D22025

Helen Aries

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