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Isabel Song
Feb 14, 2022
In Concept Notes Workspace
D22-013 Since the age of Albert Einstein, physicists have been looking for a theory of everything. The goal of uniting all the physics principles and fields has always been chasing. Inspired by this idea and observing the reality, we can easily find that not only in physics, but there are also strong similarities between many disciplines, and they are not just in the fields of science. For example, music and painting. In a piece of good work, instruments and colours both require harmony. And harmony is also an important part of ecology, maths and so on. With this observation, there could be a network that links everything with everything. The bridges between different fields are the theories that shared by both fields. One bridge does seem weak, but if the knowledge from a massive number of experts could be gathered, the map of the universe and human society could be sketched. Just like a jigsaw puzzle.With this map, the education of next generation could be optimized owing to some advantages. Such as a more open-minded environment and macro-understanding. And the knowledge is organized in an organic way that make it more accessible. Back to the reality, building such a network is definitely a long-time project, and it may could never been completed. Because finding a one-to-one bridge between one property in a field and one property in another field is never easy. It requires a deep understanding of both fields. Meanwhile, the knowledge of our civilization is keep growing. So, the map could also keep growing, instead of being completed. Thus, a regulation must be enacted. For example, the peer-review system for the universality, reference and data for the reliability, and regular check for information up to date.

Isabel Song

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