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D22-009 Concept Note
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Hugh Powell
Feb 15, 2022
This is a strong concept, well done. It's not clear from your concept how BREAM & LEED (amongst others) are detrimental to small businesses. That seems to be your fundamental premise, make it clearer. The key question to keep in mind is: "How should/could this certification process be utilised to make global engineering more accountable"? The 4 key principles to keep in mind are: Responsible - Important questions would be; How would the certification process maintain EFFECTIVE responsibility? The current situation is a business situation but is it irresponsible? How would your process of taxing be managed to make it more responsible? Think hard on this, so far, you have presented an ideology not a solution. Pursposeful - Think about how would your certification process consider wider impacts from project inception to end of life; And encourage both global and local considerations? There's a sense of it from the concept but I would be very interested to hear more of your ideas here. Inclusive - Make it clear how this would be more inclusive. It currently appears to be excluding larger industries, (where the bulk of governing money comes from). How would you include them? Regenerative - This is very clear from your concept. Run with it, what would you target? This is a very good idea, tell us more about how it would work. As a rule, discuss ideas with people outside your disciplines, hone it until they understand it; Then your pitch is more likely to be persuasive and hold merit. I'm looking forward to this one Tomas.

Hugh Powell

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