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Anjana Krishnan
Feb 15, 2022
I really like the idea behind this proposal. However, I am concerned you may be a bit too ambitious. The proposal involves three different technologies – solar energy, water treatment, and programming. You propose an innovative approach to each of these, which is really exciting. But it may be a bit too much to get every component of your proposal working to a high standard. I would suggest you focus on one of the three areas you wrote about, so that you are not spread between topics and can ensure you execute something successfully. Let's talk about each aspect of your proposal, starting with the water treatment. I would encourage you to think a bit about your terminology. Desalination is a technique to remove salt from sea or ocean water. So it doesn't apply to groundwater or wastewater. However, many desalination plants use membrane filtration, and that same technology can also be used for treating wastewater. Maybe this is an area you could explore? Have you also thought about the difference in water treatment standards for different end uses? Water for drinking needs to be treated to a much higher standard than water for industrial use. I would think about what treatment level you are trying to achieve and focus on that. Regarding the solar energy. Have you researched the energy usage of water treatment systems? Desalination typically requires high energy use, so you will need a way to generate and store a lot of solar energy. This may involve a large number of batteries, which can be expensive. There is a lot of potential for innovation in this area to bring the cost down. Finally, about the programming aspect. That is a very exciting idea. Have you considered maintenance of these systems? You typically need skilled personnel to ensure that your system keeps performing like it should. Do you have a training plan in place for this? Overall, I think this is an exciting idea with a lot of potential. With some more focus and development I think you could be successful.

Anjana Krishnan

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